How to Create WordPress Law Firm Website?


Creating a WordPress law firm website for the legal business is an important point. Your customers will want to know more about you before ordering services. Here’s how to do it more efficiently.

Choose the right plugin

There are many WordPress themes that you can buy and install. But most of them only offer external design without internal structure. For example, when you create pages such as practice areas, attorneys and cases, these pages are no different from each other. Usually this is a page builder with ready-made templates. All this will be in one tab “Pages” and you will be confused. In addition, if you come to change the design of one type of page, then you will have to change it on each page separately.

What is the solution to this issue? How to organize the right structure from the very beginning? There is a special free plugin for this – LawPress. Firstly, it separately separates each type of information. In the menu you will see these menu items.

LawPress Menu

All these three types of posts are interconnected and you can add relevant lists. Suppose you have created a practice area page, and from the bottom under the description you have brought out the lawyers who work in this area:

Related Attorneys

You can also create shortcodes with lists and place them anywhere. They display information about some accented thing, for example, on cases you can display the amount of payment.

Cases Grid

In fact, there are many other features and they are being added and updated.

Choose the right theme

When you choose a theme for a law business, then try clicking on all the links. Because they often do not refer anywhere, but are created in order to fill the space.

The plugin described in the previous chapter is compatible and tested with all popular themes. You can see some screenshots with the default WordPress theme – Twenty Nineteen on the plugin page. But you may have to do some work on styles or hire a developer for this.

There is also a ready-made theme that is fully compatible with LawPress. This is the LawPress Classic Theme. With it, you can make the site easy, and also in case of difficulties to get support.

If you have any questions about creating a WordPress law firm website or suggestions about that, please write them in the comments below.

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