Woocommerce Multiple Payment Gateways Setting Up


Installing multiple gateways on WooCommerce is a good solution if you want as many of your customers as possible to make purchases. Because it is not convenient for everyone to pay with a bank card. How to start setting up?

Search and install gateway plugins

First you need to find in the free plugins all available gateways that you want to connect. Then install and register to make it work. If the list of free plugins does not have some kind of gateway, then you can buy it. Most payment gateways can be found on the official WooCommerce website, and the rest in Google search.

To decide how to show a list of payment gateways

After setting you will have a list on the order payment page. But when there are too many of them, the buyer will have to spend some time to find the method of payment that will be convenient for him. To avoid this, you can install the free Payment Gateway Groups for WooCommerce plugin, with which you can create groups by either adding additional headers or by making a toggle list. This will help your customers navigate faster when making a payment.

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