Why You Should Delegate Work to Others?

Why you should delegate work to others people?

There is the ability to delegate tasks to other people in the development of a successful business. Why do you need to start doing this? Why to do everything yourself is a bad idea? Let me explain why this is so.

More free time

If you want your business to grow, you need to think about strategic issues, not about routine work. Delegation allows you to think more, make plans for the future, think through the steps to successfully develop your business.

The routine will only pull you down. You will not have free time to take care of more important issues.

Others can do a better job than you do

The prejudice that no one will do better than me is the most important error of most entrepreneurs. Nobody argues that you are better versed in your affairs better than the average worker in a certain specialty. But the task is just to find a good employee so that you can trust him with the job. Then maybe even he will perform it better than you.

But even if the employee is of average quality, then it is profitable. He will learn from you and become better. You, in turn, will develop your management skills.

More profit

Another advantage is more profit. When you delegate, you hire an employee whose work hour is less than yours. And it turns out that you pay him part of his bet for work. In addition, if you still do not delegate the work, after reading the next paragraph you will see how much money you lose. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Let’s say your hourly rate is about $100. If you work yourself, then you will earn these $100 per hour. But what will happen when you hire, for example, a web developer who will do all the technical work for you on your site instead of you?

Why you should delegate your work?

Let’s say the hour of his work costs $40. If he will do the work for you, then at this time you all will also be able to work, but already on other issues. What is the benefit, you ask? The benefit is that you are simultaneously working on web development and another issue. Therefore it turns out that you will earn in an hour not $ 100 dollars, as before, but $ 100 + ($ 100- $ 40) = $ 160. Not bad, right?

Now you understand how much you lose potential profit, if you do everything yourself? Of course, I understand that management and error correction also take time, but it takes much less time than the work itself.

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Think about what kind of work you can do for this purpose, how will you manage and test your employees? Try to delegate the work right now and you will immediately notice positive results.

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