What Website should I make?


Many people ask themselves this question. They don’t know what site they should make. By and large, the sites can be divided into three types.

Website for yourself

Perhaps you want to try to create a site, see what you can do with it. You do not need to worry about anything, about such concepts as a promotion or another. You just want to do something with your own hands or with the help of someone, and place on it some personal content. To test your capabilities. But this site will not bring you customers and new visitors. It will only be accessible by reference. You can share it with your friends or admire them only yourself every day. Many people start with this species.

For novice developers, this kind of fit, because you will gain the necessary experience because if you make sites to your clients without experience, you will get a poor-quality site and you can spoil your reputation and lose the client for always. Perhaps, one of these things you will put in your portfolio in the future, which can show your potential clients your skills.

This is useful for business owners who order or create their first website with some help from the builder to understand how it all functions in order to select the option from the following. But if you decide not to get involved, then it’s better not to start. Let’s deal with these professionals, and, of course, you need to get a website immediately, which will be described below, and the site for yourself cannot even be considered at all.

A business card for a narrow range of people

You have your own business and want to have a website, because “in our time everyone has a website”. You can make yourself a business card site, on which to place, for example, a logo, contacts and a brief description of what your firm does. This site can be placed on social networks, also send it to your friends or distribute it to some other place. It will also be difficult to find in the search engine, except that only through the name of your company. You can mark a link to your business card.

Developers may not even optimize such a site, and the main thing is that it does not load too long and looks ok. Doing such a site is better if you already have some experience with the previous option.

For business owners for this type of site, one of the best options is to use some service for creating websites with which you previously created a test site and figured out all the intricacies and questions that arise during the construction.

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Website with promotion

I will not tell here which sites are, and what they are for this information has already been laid out a lot. Landings, e-commerce, blogs, etc. Everything has to be chosen for your specific case and activity. In fact, an important component here is the SEO. Some newcomers on the Internet think that they can simply create a website (for example, a business card for a narrow range of persons, which is described above), and it will start displaying in the first lines of the search. But the reality is that the number of sites is very large, and if you do not do SEO promotion or configure contextual advertising, then your site will not be found. Therefore, consider this as the most important factor. Whatever your site was functional beautiful and original, you always need to think about whether other people will see it.

Web developers, you can provide comprehensive solutions by providing development and promotion in conjunction. Or you can only deal with the development, but always letting the customer know that he also needs to promote the site you created.

Business owners, you can hire for this kind of developer who, in addition to creating an optimized website and promoting it, can do some additional functionality that will bring you convenience in use or fulfill your various requests for customizing the design and interface.

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What site should I do at the result?

Based on the description of these three kinds of sites you can understand what website you can do. Just want to try – make a website for yourself. Want to have a website to show your customers as an additional sign of trust, then make the site a business card for a narrow range of people. Well, if you want to do business on the Internet and get from there leads, then you can not do without creating a website with a promotion.

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