Step by step Website for your Business


A detailed guide about creating a step by step website. Just do the five tasks that are listed below.

1. Select a specific domain name

Approach this step with special attention, since this is what visitors will immediately see. Think of a name so that it is associated with your activity. This will show people who visit your site that you are engaged in a certain type of activity.

2. Select hosting

Usually, the domain name and hosting are shipped together, but pays attention to the following:

  • Ping. Hosting should have a small delay in the region in which you want to do business. For this, there are reviews of various hosting sites.
  • See only the latest reviews. As some hosting services, when they gain traffic, start to work worse.
  • Support WordPress or PHP/MySQL. If you want to use WordPress CMS. Read about this content management system in Business.

3. Select and set up the WordPress theme

Find a good theme that has a high rating on the site on which it is sold. Also, see if she can fulfill your tasks. You can read Where to get WordPress themes.

4. Customize the theme

Just install the theme and change the content can be, but if the theme was purchased by a lot of people, then there is a possibility that the visitor before that has already seen a site with the same design as yours. This will produce a bad imprint. Therefore, it is better to change the appearance of the site – for example, the main color.

5. Optimize website

Users will not wait long for the page to load on your site. Boost speed of your WordPress website. Also, follow the hierarchy of the structure.

6. Bring people to the site

The most important step. Get your users through organic traffic (SEO), contextual advertising, social networks, etc. If you just create a new website with a home page and contact form, only people who know the name of your company or by direct link. The rest will not be able to find you. Take care of this.

Read also the article about new rules for websites with Europe visitors – GDPR and WordPress Compliance.

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