How Slow Decision-Making Affects Your Business

How to make your business successful with fast decision-making

The speed of decision-making is a very important part of a successful business. As long as you think about what to do, your competitors do it.

You long can not make a choice in the grocery store? For hours do you think about taking up a project or refusing a client? Then this post is for you.

Let’s look at the main reasons why decisions in your life need to be made quickly.

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Yes, as I wrote in the first paragraph, competitors will take away your customers while you think. Let’s look at the example below.

You receive an application from your site. In this application your client wants to buy a service and send a detailed description. You, after receiving this application, view it completely and think about what you need to make sure that you complete this task. You also begin to imagine how you get a bad review and that after that your reputation will drop and customers will stop taking orders from you. Comparing all these factors, you also read the instructions that you recieved, which is delayed for long hours … And then, when you decide and send him approval, he writes that he has already found another performer.

Thinking and assessing the consequences of errors is OK, but it is important to do this quickly. Yes, if you took a decision in a few minutes and then realized that you can not do everything that is written, then you would be in a bad situation. But this is the sense of business – to quickly assess the risks and take on work. And then you can stay in thought all the time, without getting anything.

By agreeing quickly to work, you would no longer lose the client, which is already a big advantage. For a complex task that you can not solve, you could hire an employee on an outsourcer who would have accomplished it. You would still most likely find a solution.

Therefore, it is very important not to lose customers to your competitors. Take risks, make mistakes, find a compromise. But do not spend hours making decisions, spend minutes on them.

Attitude of others

Indecisiveness is a thing that will irritate you or make you look bad to your employees. Nobody likes indecisive people, because people are in uncertainty. They are waiting for a decision from you, but you do not accept it.

Losing your time

You lose a lot of time on this. Can it be easier to just give up and leave it at that? Or can it still be accepted? Think about how much time you would save if you took decisions in 1 minute. Lots of.

Want to have even more free time? Then you should read about why it is worth delegating work to others:


Now you understand why speed in decision-making is a very important indicator in business. To be a successful entrepreneur, you should think about it and draw the appropriate conclusions.
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