PSD to WordPress theme conversion


PSD is a file with layers created in Photoshop. In this format, web designers usually provide a design.

The designer has made you a template in PSD format and you are looking for a way how to convert this template into a website. If you have this issue, then you are most likely the owner of some business that needs a new site, or the developer who was given the task to do.
With what to begin?

For the developer:

1. Select a framework or a theme

There are many frameworks, both free and paid. There are people who are convinced that it is necessary to create themes from scratch, that it is bad to use any ready solutions.

I will not describe specific examples, but I will give some advice on the choice:

  • Relate the PSD layout and the framework (theme). You need to determine if it will cope with all the tasks, if not, how much will it need to customize.
  • The framework documentation. The successful process requires clear documentation. A framework without good documentation will be difficult to quickly orient in it.
  • Evaluation of the prospects of the developer. As you know, updates to WordPress come out quite often, and any additional software for it, too, must be updated, otherwise one day everything can stop working and there will be various problems in compatibility and errors. Therefore, we must of course look at whether the developers are currently supporting their framework, whether they are planning to finish supporting it, and so on.

2. Pull the template onto a framework or theme

The main process is to make maximum use of the framework capabilities for the future site. If it provides a header that completely matches yours, or looks like it, then use it. If the structure of the framework blog is the same as the layout, also use it.

3. Adjustment for the design

Now it remains only to finish what cannot be done with the help of the framework. Add all functions, correct the design.

4. Speed up your website

For more information about it, you can read the article how to speed up a WordPress website.

For the business owner or those who do not want to do this:

We do this type of work and provide high-quality sites. You can start with a free analysis on service page PSD to WordPress.

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