My Biggest Mistake on Upwork


There is a lot of competition on Upwork , so different, even minor things can affect the number of offers that will come to you. When I started, I did not know all these subtleties.

Earlier, when I first started working on Upwork, I worked only at a fixed rate. And basically did not want to deal with trackers and watches. It was easier to negotiate a certain payment and perform work.

But I did not take into account that many potential clients who want to exclude inexperienced freelancers, use filters. I knew about this, but for some reason I did not give it due attention. They are assigned both during the search and during the creation of the work.

Among these filters there is one that is put quite often and which is easy enough to perform, but I did not use it – it’s worked hours. At what the filter of the fulfilled hours can be put and on contracts with the fixed rate. The main mistake was not to work out the first hour. I did not do this for about a year! Can you imagine how many contracts I missed?

If you still have worked a large number of contracts at a fixed price and have not worked out the first hour, then those clients who put a filter of hours worked, even 1+ hours, you will be displayed in a separate list, in which people do not fit in filters, when you apply for a job. And also you will not be displayed at all during the search without creating a job by the client.

Read also about how a $5 contract can bring you 6-figure income on Upwork:

I hope you do not repeat my mistake and work out the first hour as quickly as possible and get many contracts. If you have any objections or comments, then write about it below.

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