Introducing the Admin Quick Panel! – WordPress Plugin


You can forget about searching for the most editable posts, pages or other post types. Just add them to a special sidebar in the admin panel with the Admin Quick Panel plugin.

This plugin will be useful for both developers and regular users. We all have cases when we often need to edit one and the same post or page. In order not to look for such posts every time this WordPress plugin was created.

How does the Admin Quick Panel work?

Let’s talk about each feature separately.


The main innovation of this plugin is that it adds the sidebar of quick access that you see on each panel page of your WordPress admin side. You can easily fold and unfold it. In this case, the position is remembered when the page is refreshed, so you do not have to open or close it every time.

Featured column in post list

It is quite simple. You click on the icon in a special column and it is added to the panel.

After that, you can switch to the view or edit mode of the selected post from any wp-admin page. Also for convenience, post thumbnails are shown.


You can also select a post using the metabox in the post itself.

Interaction with posts from the panel

And the most important thing is the interaction with the posts. Go to edit mode, view, or simply delete it using a special button.

Pro version

Additional features are available in a pro version.

Find button

Allows you to find a post in the list for quick editing.


Allows you to add notes to your featured posts.

What’s next?

I already have ideas on how to make the plugin more functional. Therefore, over time, new features will be added. If you want to know about the news first, then subscribe to this newsletter.

At the End

I hope you enjoy the Admin Quick Panel plugin, development and content management should go to the next level.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to hear from you.


Compare and choose Free or Pro version here.

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