How to Install WordPress on Your Hosting?

How to install WordPress on your hosting?

You bought a domain and hosting, and now you want to install the WordPress CMS to get started. Some hosting allows you to do this all at the click of a button from the admin panel hosting. But how to do this, if hosting does not add such an opportunity? Here are the steps with which you easily launch your website.

Create an FTP login

First, go to your administration panel on the hosting and create an FTP login. It will allow you to interact with files on your server. A more detailed guide you can find on the website of your hosting.

Create a database

Create a database and remember the login and password from it, it will come in handy further.

Pin about how to install WP on your hosting.

Download and install FileZilla

FileZilla is an FTP client with which you can access files on your dedicated server. You can use another, but I prefer this one. It’s easy to understand and easy to start working with.

Download the latest version of WordPress

Of course, download the latest version of CMS WordPress from the official site. Then, unzip the contents into a separate folder.

Upload files via FTP

Now upload all the files through FileZilla by entering the information about the FTP account that you registered earlier.

Go to the site and follow the directions

Now you can go to your site and follow the instructions. Here you will have to enter your login and password from your database and some more data. After that, you can start the process of developing your site.


I hope this guide helped you and now you can easily install WordPress on your hosting.

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