5 Ways How to Increase Site Conversion Rate

Learn how to increase conversion rate of your website

To bring users to the site is not enough. If you want your business to develop successfully, then it is necessary that visitor does something – wrote to you, called you, ordered, etc.

1. Good CTA buttons

One of the most important points is the correct CTA – call to action. You should call for the actions of your site visitors, for example: “get a gift”, “start earning”, etc. Make the buttons so that they want to click. Select the main color of your site for them. Make them large enough and noticeable. The text of the buttons should show what it gives the user. Let’s say you have a form in which you are asking to enter your email address. Use the button with the text “Send” will be bad because people intuitively do not understand what it will give them. Use instead “Get a free PDF book”. Obviously, the user already benefits. Of course, you will have to make this book, but it’s worth it and your visitor will rather press such a button than the previous one.

Read more about this here: https://businessupwebsite.com/clear-call-to-action-button/

2. A/B Testing

Sometimes it’s not obvious what’s good for your audience. Which header, which buttons, etc. For this, there is an A/B test, which alternately shows users different types of the same page. Then you get statistics which page contains more conversion and leave the most effective. Then you can also create another version and test the already “victorious” version with the new one.

3. Write texts for visitors, not for yourself

Always represent yourself in the role of your target audience. What do they want? How will they react to the phrases you have written? You can not just write, “buy from us the goods.” You need to think about what your visitor wants to hear. He would like to hear such things as “you will receive something,” “you will be happy,” etc. Write about them and their benefits as much as possible.

4. Get feedbacks on trusted third-party services and social networks

Reviews only on your site are not enough. People understand that if the website is yours, then you most likely will not publish bad reviews. If you have a lot of positive feedbacks and do not have negative ones already on large and trusted sites, then you will have a much greater confidence in you, and therefore, conversion. And of course, do not forget to post links to your real reviews on your site.

5. Use real and positive photos

People do not like fakes. Do not use stock photos for your products and team members. Use only real photographs, so that people know that they are dealing with real people and that you have a product offered by them. Smile in the photo so that the visitors are friendly to you.

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