How to Punish Stealers of Pins (More Than a Report)


Theft of pins is a known problem. You already know that you can send a report on it, confirming that you are the owner of this intellectual property. But this is often not enough.

I do not know how the penal system works exactly, whether it can be banned for one strike or not. But that’s what I know for sure – the more reports, the better. And even better than they were from different people. Okay, let’s start in order.

1. The search for a thief

You worked hard, made an explosive pin, which hit the top. But suddenly you see that your traffic has disappeared or decreased. Most likely – your pin was stolen. Try entering keywords or related topics, maybe your pin is already in the top, only with another link. Usually, these links lead on affiliated programs and contain content remotely similar to the one that should be. Here’s how it was with me:

My pin was stolen and the link was changed. Also, I noticed that the stolen pin takes a higher position than mine. And no traffic. I also did not leave a link on the image to my website. That’s bad.

2. Send the report

But we do not despair and send a report by clicking on three points:

There it will be necessary to fill in the fields, indicate the data that confirms your right to intellectual property, etc. I think you will cope with this. But the title says it’s not just a report. And here’s another step.

3. Find the stolen pins of other blog owners and tell them on their site

I believe that the more people are being arrested, the less chance he will have to deal with this vile activity and he will get deservedly blocked by the account.

Go to his profile and find the pins where the site address is specified. If he does not coincide with the one to which he refers, then most likely he was also stolen. Click on the link that appears on the image and write about your find through the contact form. I think he will be very happy to write a report on the thief.

Let’s make Pinterest better and save it from bots and thieves. Please distribute this information.

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