7 Easy Steps How to Create The Paid Membership Website


Nowadays the question of selling valuable information is popular. But not many people know how to properly create the right site for this type of activity. Here you will see 7 steps to create your membership site, where you can give content to your subscribers for payment.

1. Register the domain name

First, you need to decide which domain name to choose. Usually, a domain name is provided upon the purchase of the hosting. It is best to use the keywords or the name of your company name in the domain name.

2. Buy a hosting

When choosing a hosting, pay attention to:

  1. Reviews. See only independent review sites. The owner will not leave bad reviews on his website.
  2. Location of servers. The location of the servers plays an important role since the further the server will be located from your potential customers, the more they will have a delay before downloading the site. For example, if you have the majority of customers from the USA, then you better use the hosting, whose servers are located in the USA.

3. Install the WordPress CMS

WordPress is an excellent system for creating a paid membership site. You can use many popular themes and plugins, instead of creating everything from scratch yourself or paying a lot of money to developers for work.

4. Get the WordPress theme

Treat the choice of theme with particular importance. On our site, you can check the theme Gold Package. It is designed specifically for paid membership and uses the popular Unyson framework and the Brizy page builder, which allows you to make changes to the frontend using the drag and drop system. It uses the popular PMPro plugin, which does a great job.

Or you can look at another one at popular places where themes are sold.

5. Create content for membership

Create content that people will want to buy from you. Create convenient navigation so that users can easily access what they have purchased.

6. Customize your plugin and theme of membership

An important step is to customize your chosen theme (for example, Gold Package) and plugin (for example, PMPro). Payment gateway, price, etc. They contain a lot of settings, but do not worry, because by default everything is already almost configured, just compare it with your needs and desires.

If you feel that you can not handle yourself, you can always seek help from professionals – to freelancers or companies. By the way, you can ask for help here.

7. Choose a payment system

To receive payments automatically, you need to connect some payment system that will do this. When choosing, consider these 2 most important things:

  1. Countries supported. Make sure that your country is listed because it will be unpleasant to learn at the last moment when sending scans of documents that you will not be provided with services as a result.
  2. Type of business. Each payment system has its own list of prohibited products that you can not sell from them (in our case, this is membership). Therefore, too, look at it right away.
    If these 2 conditions are met, then you can consider them further and choose the one that suits you more.


Now you see that creating a membership site is not such a difficult task. You just need to spend a little time and money, and you will start to make a profit from your paid membership.

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