Elementor vs Brizy

What is better, Brizy or Elementor?

How to choose the best WordPress page builder? They are now save time and resources, which allows you to make websites quickly, while leaving them high quality. A relatively recently appeared competitor to the well-known plugin Elementor, this is Brizy. What are their main differences?

Custom elements

Elementor has an API that allows you to add your own elements (widgets), which is a good option for those who want to make a theme for sale, adding that it is unique.

In Brizy, there is no way to do this. But they promise to do it after some time.

If you want to see a more detailed (15+ parameters) comparison of the page builders, then follow this link:


Most people use icons from Fonts Awesome. There are many of them and they looks good enough, almost on every site they are present. Elementor uses them in its page builder, for example, in buttons.

Brizy uses unique icons that are generated as an SVG image.

These factors should be taken into account, because, for example, your theme is done using Fonts Awesome icons, and you want to use them in the page builder, then you will have to do additional work with Brizy.


Elementor has a user-friendly interface that allows you to edit the elements on the left sidebar.

Brizy is aimed at an intuitive interface when you don’t have to switch your attention to the sidebar on the left each time. The main parameters are edited from the appearing window directly above the element in the container. The left sidebar is used for more general settings, the right one is used for deeper settings of a specific element. It is very convenient.

If convenience is also important to you in the admin panel, you can add a special panel using the FREE plugin Admin Quick Panel.


As a result, we can conclude that each page builder has its own advantages. But in general, the Elementor is now more flexible, because it already has a bunch of modules and it gives the developer more options. In addition, there are popular themes that give even more modules, for example – Astra Pro.

Brizy is more relevant if you want to do something not too complicated, but very quickly. In addition, end customers will like Brizy more, as it is more intuitive. But more time is needed so that developers can add all the promised features. If you want to know which themes support this page builder and provide additional ready-made page templates, then follow this link: https://businessupwebsite.com/brizy-themes/

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