8 Clear Call To Action Button Tips

Best CTA Tips.

Without a call to action cannot exist any landing. But not only on the landing page it needs. A call to action will also be needed on a multi-page website, especially on the homepage. Do you want to attract customers from your home page? In most cases, it is the main conversion page in a multi-page website.

1. The invoking text

As clear by the name of CTA – call the user to action. Use buttons in verbs such as “get”, “take”. Do not use ordinary words for buttons, such as how to “submit”, “register”. This does not work anymore, people need to show the benefits that they will receive by clicking on the button. Do not be trite, manifest your imagination and imagine yourself in the role of your client, which button would you like to press? Clear CTA means before you that your potential client will understand what benefit he will get for himself.

2. Use the first person

Act on the subconscious of your visitor – create actions from the first person. Instead of the pronoun “yours” use “my”. For example, “get my free package”. He will think that the package is already his, he will not want to leave him, so the probability rises. If the text of the button was “get your free package”, then the buyer would not have created such a strong sense of ownership, as when using the pronoun “my”.

3. The notable color

This question is also very important. Go tell that the universal color does not exist. The most important thing is how the button with this color will look against the background of other elements of your site. If you have a background with a blue tint, the blue button will merge with it and the user of your site will not immediately notice it or do not understand at all that this is a button.

Make the button stand out from the other elements. Use bright colors on a dark background and, on the contrary, on a colored background – dark colors. One of the most common colors is the main color of the site. It can be obtained from the dominant colors of the logo (or colors, there are sometimes two). When the main color is one, then when you hover, you can slightly lighten or darken this color, so that the visitor feels that this is a button and that you can click on it. When there are two colors, you can use one color as the main color, and the other one when you hover. It will look beautiful, match with the logo and attract users to click on this button as quickly as possible. You yourself probably noticed on others how different “live buttons” that “ask” for them to click, and others that even when hovering do not change their state. So take this item with great attention.

Do not forget also about the speed of the website, you can find tips here.

4. Large text

The size of the text is important. You do not want your potential client to squint before you look at the color on the button? Therefore, make sure that the font size is large enough and visible to the user. But do not overdo it.

5. Free space around the button

Free space puts a visitor to your website within certain limits. If he has a title on his screen, a sidebar, a few buttons. He is lost in this. If you want to give the user a choice, then do it on the services page, add more text, buttons, and selections there. But not on a landing page or homepage. Making choices on such important pages will only harm you.

Limit the choice to the user. For one revolution – the title, subtitle, button. Do not litter your trash on the page. Place it all professionally in the section and in the free space. And your client will have no choice but to click on this button and buy from you.

6. Add a benefit word – free, discount

In our time, such techniques, which worked several decades ago, no longer work. When advertising was shown on TV and everyone immediately called to buy another set of knives for their kitchen. Now people want to receive something as a gift, get a special offer.

If you want someone to give you money for the goods, then you yourself first have to give something free of charge. Choose a thing that will cost you little, but it will give more value to your customers. For example, you can create a PDF guide that will help you customize your website from scratch. Or a free consultation. Think about what this might be in your niche and business. Perhaps it will be some material objects.

Remember the main rule: “To get something, you must first give something.”

7. Check the adaptability of the button

You can ask why I did not write about it in the “Large Text” section. And that’s why: now most users use more mobile devices than computers. And usually, they enter the phones at any time. So take care that on all devices the text of your button can be read, and click on this button without any problems. Frankly, not all the creators of WordPress so pay attention to this issue. Consider also the fact that users can have big thumbs, and they will be uncomfortable to press a button that will already have their finger.

8. A/B testing

In conclusion, I want to talk about A/B testing. You can follow all the previous rules, but this is probably the most effective. What can be more clear and effective than testing?

If we are talking about WordPress, then there are various plugins that allow these tests. Also, these opportunities are in some frameworks and popular themes. What is this test? Users are alternately given different versions of the pages. For example, the first visitor received a variant of a page with a red button. The next visitor got the blue color of the button, and the third one is red again, and so on. Next, you get detailed statistics on which button you clicked more often. And, obviously, then turn off this test and leave your most effective button that converts. You see how simple it all is.

Learn more about WordPress in the Business.

Now you understand the creation of clear call to action buttons that will bring you more conversions on your business site. If you understand that your landing or home page contains useless buttons, then do not hesitate, start changing them right now!

Also, I will be glad to read all your comments, you can leave them below.

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