Brizy Themes – Where To Get Them in 2019? (updated)

Places where you can find Brizy themes

Updated 03/17/2019

Quite recently a new page builder was released. It allows you to edit the content of the drag and drop mode in the frontend. But the main distinctive feature is it is free (there is also a paid version with advanced features). For those who still do not know about this page builder, click on the link for more information about it: What are the advantages:

  • in it you can set your own color palette;
  • do columns of any size by simply dragging their edges with the mouse cursor;
  • resize the images by dragging their edges with the mouse cursor;
  • there are many ready-made templates (sections) for demonstrating the possibilities and using them as a basis for sections of your future site;
  • and there are many other features.

You can also find out more about Brizy and other similar plugins in the page builders comparison article.

It’s wonderful. But where can you find the themes that were created using Brizy? Here are a few sources where you can find them.

Unyson framework owners

Developers of this page builder are not newcomers, and they already have their own Unyson framework, which already for many years has helped WordPress users in their business. At the time of writing, they replace (or have already replaced) their themes, which were created using the Builder extension for their framework. These themes can be found at

Unyson developers

Brizy has appeared recently, so you can know in advance who will soon be likely to introduce this page builder into its existing theme. You can find them in the search on the popular sites for selling themes for this keyword. Of course, there is no guarantee that all developers using Unyson will rewrite their products under a new page builder, but the probability is very high.

Special themes for Page Builders

There are special themes that support page builders. They are fully compatible with them and interact with the creators of the page builders, so compatibility problems should not be. Even if they exist, they are solved very quickly. The largest of them – Astra and OceanWP.

It is worth noting that in Astra there are starting templates made in Brizy.

By the way, they support other page builders. Want to know the results of comparing Elementor and Brizy?

This site itself uses Unyson and uses it in its development. Of course, a new visual page builder is also present in our themes. You can check the themes.

Maybe you want a custom theme from your PSD mockups? Then you can check PSD to WordPress service here.


As you can see, the main thing that should be oriented when searching for Brizy themes is the use of the Unyson framework. Follow the developers who use it and maybe in a short time you will find themes that you can use and edit easily and pleasantly with the new visual page builder.

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