5 Profitable Online Business Ideas in 2018


If you are suddenly thinking about whether to start an online business, then this article is for you. In our world, we need to keep up with the trends and not stand still. Every day you wake up with a feeling of dissatisfaction and engage in unloved business. Perhaps you are working on a routine job. You’re tired. Enough tolerating this! Start your business online without any bosses.

Thanks to the Internet, all the goals become accessible. You just sit at home and earn money. This is a must-use opportunity. I’ll give you a list of ideas, one of which you may like and you will immediately start the way to getting good money.

1. Sales of WordPress themes

Here is a Business Idea about Sales of WordPress Themes

According to statistics, about a third of the sites work on CMS WordPress. You can create a website that will bring you passive sales revenue. Find a good WordPress developer, a creative web designer, an excellent marketer, and a faithful support. Of course, you will have to work hard, organize joint work with them, but gradually you will increase your potential. With each created theme, the income will grow, as it can be sold many times, and not one, as it happens with physical goods. Imagine that you created 10 themes, each of which costs $69. Let’s say you buy each theme 10 times a month. Count: $69 * 10 themes * 10 purchases = $6,900 profit per month. You can organize sales on the site automatically with the help of an automated service and at this time you can deal with their own affairs. And the money will come to your account. Not bad, right?

You can also use ready-made sites for sales if you do not want to create your own. But they take a percentage of sales and at times, in the beginning, it’s too big. But with the increase in sales, the commission decreases, so this makes sense. Decide which option is best for you. If you don’t have good design skills, you can try PSD to WordPress theme conversion.

The blockchain is a popular subject in 2018 and not so many themes are created for it, you can try it yourself, but do not delay, otherwise, you may not have time to do it and someone else will do it!

2. Membership site for subscriptions

Sevice about creating a Membership Website

Many websites began to add membership services this year. People like to buy access for a certain period and receive additional privileges. Use this and create a website with subscriptions. For example, you can provide training videos for web development on a regular basis. Now many people want to become a web developer and good training will come in handy. You can create a membership and share information on many other topics.

You can start your membership website with the WordPress theme Gold Package.

But it does not have to be training courses. You can provide access to a private social networking service or forum. Integrate people with a narrow range of interests through this and make them a comfortable environment for discussions.

The sale of themes described in the last chapter can also be used as a membership. Give the opportunity for people to join the membership and get access to all (or some) WordPress themes that you will regularly post. This can be done for any other software.

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3. Search Engine Optimization Service

Business about SEO optimization

If you like to write texts, then this business idea will suit you. Every owner of a site needs this thing (even if he does not know about it himself). To take the site to the top of the search engine means to get a lot of potential customers, and therefore profit. You will need to write texts that contain keywords, as well as that visitors, are interested in reading them. People are ready to pay you huge money if their site is displayed in the first search positions.

There is also the so-called internal SEO optimization of the site. If you are not a fan of writing texts, but like web programming, then this work you might like. You will need to improve the technical components of the site so that it functions quickly and is understandable to search engines. If the site will be loaded for a long time, then users will go to competitors. You will need to optimize the code and fix errors that slow it down. Internal optimization also helps to promote the site to the top and therefore bring visitors to the site owner. For this, you will be paid money.

4. Informational Product Business

Idea about Infobusiness

During the information age, this type of business is one of the most effective. Choose a niche in which you are an expert and teach others what you know. Develop a product that will be needed by a large number of people. Pack the courses so that they attract potential buyers. Regularly improve information by making updates to your information product.

In this business idea there is a lot of competition, but with the right approach, you will succeed in it. Try to provide some of the courses for free at first, and then offer them to pay the rest, it will be more effective than just selling directly. It is also important to set up a specific system that will work automatically. For example, in order not to waste time talking to each customer about the product, you can record a video in which you represent and describe this information product.

5. Create something unique

The Best Online Business Idea

Yes, there will not be a specific option, because the most effective option I can mention is the creation of a new niche. If you find any ideas on the Internet, then most likely someone has already realized and implements them. But the greatest profit is earned by those who come up with niches. All ideas were invented by the same people as you. You are no worse than them. Just think that you can do something that people will need and what other services do not. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. Think about what you can take from the existing one and add there what is missing.

When you come up with some idea, then act for sure. Do not let others bypass you with your own idea. Do not tell anyone about it until you are ready to take it out to the outside world. Start to actively act and implement it. And rest assured that your efforts will bring you a lot of profit.

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There are a lot of online business ideas, but I highlighted exactly these 5 ideas that I think are the most effective at the moment. Earning online now appears to every person who has the Internet. The main thing is not to wait, but to act, maybe at this point in time someone has already started a business from this list and is making a profit. Choose one or more ideas and experience yourself in the digital world!

If you have any comments or ideas of your own, then leave them in the comments below.

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